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Systemic cell penetrant. Flowering and fruit set enhancer.With anti-freeze action: reduces damage due to low temperatures.


Due to its rapid mobility and systemic action, it provides, among others, the following advantages:

Increases flowering

Increases fruit set. Increases final production.

Antifreeze effect on crops: protects against damage due to low temperatures.


Due to its capacity to penetrate the cell membranes and to have all kinds of nutrients available inside the cell, it is applied in the following cases:

To increase flowering and fruit set and the final production of the crop.

To improve photosynthesis on days with little light.

Anti-stress to reduce vegetative standstill by mobilising nutrients inside the cell in times of blockages (water, extreme temperatures…).

To reduce damage caused by low temperatures.

To increase the fruit tie-up and prevent it from falling due to strong winds.

Agros-3 can be applied to all types of crops: vegetables, fruit trees, citrus, ornamentals, vines…

Dosage and application

Agros-3 is systemic: it can be applied by foliar application and also by root application.

General dosage:

250 cc/hl in foliar application (consumption of 2.5 l/ha).

2.5 l/ha in root application (consumption of 2.5 l/ha).

Application with phytosanitary products (as a carrier):

100 – 150 cc/hl.


Agros-3 can be applied to all types of crops.

Apply at any time of phenological development, as long as there is systemic activity and the plant is biologically active.

Agros-3 is assimilated through the active plant tissues: stems, leaves, buds…


Recommendations for use

Do not mix with products with a strong alkaline reaction or with copper (except COFRE product).

Do not mix with sulphur at temperatures above 28ºC.

Reduce cold damage

In this case, always apply by foliar application, in broad daylight and when temperatures are higher and the plant is active. It is important to apply two to three days before temperatures are expected to drop.

The timing and frequency of application will depend on each crop and its needs (mobilisation of nutrients or avoiding vegetative standstill).

Generally, 2 or 3 treatments will be applied between 8 and 12 days apart.

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