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Cofre is a copper (Cu2+) based nutrient solution that provides excellent penetration and systemic capacity through the sap vessels (xylem and phloem), quickly reaching all the plant’s extremities.

Cofre is complexed with an organic molecule of plant origin forming a copper pyrrolate complex which, when polymerised, forms a set of rings whose structure is called porphyrin, being a precursor of chlorophyll.

Copper as a micronutrient is an essential element for plant metabolism.

Its presence in plant tissues allows, among other properties, to increase the synthesis of chlorophyll and enhance the plant’s resistance to various fungi and bacteria.


Rapid mobility of Cu2+ copper ions.

Unblocking of sap vessels.

Boosts the synthesis of active chlorophyll in the cells (energy saving).

Assimilation and systemisation via the photosynthetic pathway. (+ synthesis of self-defence substances – Capsidiol…)

Antioxidant: capture of free radicals and reactive oxygen species.

Zero residue product.

Mechanism of action

Cofre is a special formulation that acts as a cell regulator.

It is incorporated into the sap flow by penetrating the plant tissues through the interstitial fluids.

It contains in its formulation a copper complex with a strong bond, which facilitates the transport of the metal ion into the plant tissues, the sap and the cell cytoplasm.

Inside the cell, this complex is transformed into chlorophyll, thanks to various enzymes and metalloproteins, and this chlorophyll reaches the chloroplasts where it is involved in photosynthesis.

During the chlorophyll synthesis reactions, the cellular machinery replaces Cu2+ with magnesium, leaving free copper in the cytoplasm. Excess Cu2+ is removed from inside the cell and passes into the sap. The sum of the copper that has penetrated into the intercellular spaces, the sap and the cells ensures ideal copper levels for the development of a healthy plant.

Dosage and application

Cofre is suitable for all types of crops: vegetables, ornamentals, vines, fruit trees, citrus trees, olive trees, etc.

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