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EQUI-SUN® is a liquid solution based on enzymatic hydrolysis amino acids of plant origin from parts of rice, soybean and wheat crops in variable proportions. It has preventive action against burns caused by sunburn resulting from excess temperature and solar radiation. Likewise, it has good effectiveness as a preventative of splitting or cracking of plant tissues, which occur due to lack of cellular elasticity.


Good fixation to fabrics.


Long persistence.

It does not stain the crop or fruits unlike traditional treatment.

Does not attract mites.

Increases photosynthesis, enhancing fruit quality and post-harvest life.

Increased cellular elasticity, preventing cracking.

It can be applied to all types of crops.

Zero waste product.

Increases crop yield and reduces production costs.

Dosage and applications

EQUI-SUN® can be applied to all types of crops. It is a product that respects the environment and useful fauna (Bombus, Orius, Swirskii, Nesidiocoris...).

Apply at doses between 150 – 250 cc/hectoliter (1.5-2.5 L/ha) After the first application:

Apply every 2 – 4 weeks

Apply first thing in the morning or in the evening

Apply with a fine drop

Apply whenever possible with a spray bottle

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