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Stimulant against biotic stress. Mixture of amino acids and plant extracts.Strengthens the crop against biotic stress with no safety period.

Mechanism of action

Contains amino acids and defence elicitor proteins that neutralise the attractive odour of kairomone hormones. It also enhances defence mechanisms by reinforcing the cell wall.


In crops of:


Fruit trees in general, banana, citrus, trees and ornamentals.

Iberna® is harmless for useful fauna, the environment and man.

Dosage and application

Apply by foliar application, wetting well and with a fine drop.

Apply at dusk or at times of low sunlight.

Frequency of application: every 7-10 days.

Do not mix with sulphur, copper (except with the product Cofre) or with products that are incompatible with oils.

Apply at pH between 6,9 – 8,2

Iberna = 4 cc/L of broth

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