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Bitki Besleme

Model: Agros-3
Systemic cell penetrant. Flowering and fruit set enhancer.With anti-freeze action: reduces damage due to low temperatures.AdvantagesDue to its rapid mobility and systemic action, it provides, among others, the following advantages:Increases floweringIncreases fruit set. Increases final production.An..
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Model: Cofre
Cofre is a copper (Cu2+) based nutrient solution that provides excellent penetration and systemic capacity through the sap vessels (xylem and phloem), quickly reaching all the plant’s extremities.Cofre is complexed with an organic molecule of plant origin forming a copper pyrrolate complex which, wh..
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Model: Equi-sun
EQUI-SUN® is a liquid solution based on enzymatic hydrolysis amino acids of plant origin from parts of rice, soybean and wheat crops in variable proportions. It has preventive action against burns caused by sunburn resulting from excess temperature and solar radiation. Likewise, it has good effectiv..
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Model: Iberna
Stimulant against biotic stress. Mixture of amino acids and plant extracts.Strengthens the crop against biotic stress with no safety period.Mechanism of actionContains amino acids and defence elicitor proteins that neutralise the attractive odour of kairomone hormones. It also enhances defence mecha..
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Model: Repcar
Copper-based fertiliser. Prevents the attraction of snails and slugs.Characteristics and advantagesTotally environmentally friendly.It has a NULL environmental impact.Completely free of residues.Nutritive effect.Mechanism of actionThe hygroscopic component of copper salt has a high water absorption ..
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Model: Sortem
Amino acids.Physiological activator of plants.Improves the physiological processes of plants by reducing energy expenditure.Protective effect of broths against UVA solar radiation.Solvent effect of molasses.Mechanism of actionSortem has good synergy with application broths. The mixture of fatty acid..
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Model: Supersystemik
Supersystemik is a phytonutrient that enhances the ionic mobility of sap. It increases the assimilation of molecules and salts inside the cell, thanks to the increased ionic strength provided by the magnesium salts present in this formulation.It is a 3 in 1 product:Systemic cell regulatorIt has a bu..
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Model: Top Ten
Zinc-based fertiliser. Inhibits rabbits and voles.Inhibits the attraction of phytophagous lagomorphs to the crop.Prevents the presence of rabbits and voles by keeping them away from the crop.Characteristics and advantagesTopten is a totally harmless formulation. It should be taken into account that ..
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Model: Tukom
Magnesium-based fertiliser. Bird and wild boar inhibiting effect Inhibits the attraction of granivorous birds and wild boar in all types of crops.Tukom produces crop inappetence on granivorous birds in the environment.It is formulated with natural antioxidants and UVA protectors, which gives it a pe..
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Model: Viveflor Complet
Preservative for cut flowers with nourishing action. It increases the quality and duration of the flowers for twice as long.The growing demand and concern of the market for products that respect health and the environment led a team of scientists from the CSIC to initiate a research project on a pre..
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Model: Zuko
Non-genetically modified soya lecithin. Zuko is an immune activator and antioxidant with no safety time limit.AdvantagesIt strengthens the cell wall and boosts the immune system.Does not stain the fruit and does not cause adverse effects on the plant.It does not generate resistance.Mechanism of acti..
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